Christmas Rose Monthly for Erin Condren with Silver Foil

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This Monthly Sticker Set sized for the Erin Condren LifePlanner is in our new format and comprises of 5 Foiled Sheets including Silver Foiled Icon Sheet and Gold Foiled Months and Days Sheet giving you everything you need to use this beautifully flexible kit in ANY month of the year.  

PLEASE NOTE- IF YOU ARE USING THIS SET IN THE NEW 2020/2021 COLOURFUL PLANNER THE TOP WASHI STRIP WILL BIT A TINY BIT TOO DEEP AND CAN BE EASILY TRIMMED TO FIT ONCE IN PLACE. If you have the new NEUTRAL PLANNER IT IS NOT AFFECTED AND WILL FIT PERFECTLY. Erin Condren have changed the sizing of the new COLOURFUL layout Monthly page only. Future Monthly sets will be sized to fit all the new planners but as we are a Ready To Ship shop all our sets are already made and ready to go. It is only a tiny strip of approx 2mm which can be easily trimmed by turning the page over and trimming from behind once you have placed your stickers and will not affect the pattern as it's such a tiny amount. Neutral planners have not been affected and the stickers will fit in these perfectly.

Our Premium Matt Paper gives a high quality crisp, clear print on velvety smooth paper.


Sized for the EC planner but can be used in any other planner you wish such as Plum Paper or Travellers Notebook inserts.


Please note that all our foiled stickers are handmade with love and as such there may be some small imperfections in the foiled finish such as small black specks, however this is rare and we pride ourselves on the quality of our foiling and paper

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