Autumn Orchard for Pocket Sized Travellers Notebook with Light Gold Foil

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This Sticker Set is sized for a Pocket Sized Travellers Notebook and comprises of 2 sheets that can be folded around your strings giving you everything you need to make a beautiful planner spread on the go. One sheet folding into three sections, the other into two sections.

Also included is a large decorative sticker. This can be used to stick on the front of your folded booklet to make it look pretty in your notebook or used as a dashboard or even laminated and used as a bookmark!

Please note - the full boxes in this set are sized for the Erin Condren Horizontal and therefore are slightly shorter than the EC Vertical but the same width. This allows you extra room in a Pocket sized insert.

Our Premium Matt Paper gives a high quality crisp, clear print on velvety smooth paper.


Sized for the Travellers Notebook but can be used in any other planner you wish.


Also available in Erin Condren and Happy Planner size.


Please note that all our foiled stickers are handmade with love and as such there may be some small imperfections in the foiled finish such as small black specks, however this is rare and we pride ourselves on the quality of our foiling and paper

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